How do I check my product availability?

If you are interested in our product, please contact us by phone: 501 128 245 By email: biuro@skeleton.pl Or contact form.

How do I check the order status?

For each order, a schedule of production, delivery and installation of the hall will be developed according to which we will fulfill the order, of course, each of our customers will also have a dedicated person responsible for his order with whom he will be able to contact.

How long will I wait for the hall?

Each hall is implemented individually and without knowing the basic parameters of its parameters, we can not answer this question unequivocally.

If you would like to know the exact lead time, please contact us by phone: 501 128 245


By email: biuro@skeleton.pl Orcontact form.

What are the forms of delivery?

Delivery of the hall is carried out at our expense, of course it is possible to pick up your own eg. when buying a hall without installation.

How much will I pay for my shipment?

The total cost of delivery of the order will be specified in the offer, in most cases the order is executed at our expense, but in the case of sales outside poland, such cost and its payer is determined individually.

How do I pay for my order?

Each contract shall be subject to a contract which, inter alia, sets out payment terms and tranches. In general, we can talk about four tranches, the first to start production, the second delivery of the structure, the third delivery of the wall and roof cladding, and the last after the investor-contractor’s reception. Payments can only be made by bank transfer to the bank account entered in the contract for execution.

Can I get a VAT invoice?

Of course, before each payment, you will receive a pro forma invoice, which will clearly determine for what you make the payment, to whom, and the amount. It will always be in accordance with the contract. After receiving payment for the pro forma invoice, you will receive a VAT invoice from us.

Do the properties sold have a guarantee?

Yes, the warranty, its duration, depends on several factors, including, the place of delivery, the aggressiveness of the environment, the component manufacturer’s warranty.