Manufacturer of Steel and Warehouse Halls

Who are we?

Our company was established by a combination of
passion and knowledge of several people. The founders of the company are:

Mariusz Staszewski

In construction since 1997, present on many large contracts in Poland and Europe, among others:

  • expansion of płaszów II wastewater treatment plant in Krakow and Pomerania in Szczecin,
  • construction of parts of the marine rescue base facilities, in Świnoujście – Northern Port in the field of water and civil engineering,
  • construction of a city stadium in Poznan
  • renovation of construction works for the city of Antwerp – Belgium.

Currently, for the manufacturer Skeleton sp. o.o. – design, sale, installation of steel halls.

Graduate of Szczecin University of Technology of The Faculty of Construction

Manager with 27 years of experience in the industrial and construction industry of which 18 years in the highest management positions on the Polish and European runk successfully building the brand and financial results of companies.

For many years he managed in Poland and abroad companies such as Ruukki Oy, Inspecta Group Oy, Bilfinger Industrial Services, Metalplast Oborniki Sp. o.o. or Hydrobudowa Gdańsk S.A.

His motto in business is “listening to the customer’s needs”.

Piotr Gębicki

Operating for many years in the construction industry, we have tried to find a solution for customers of smallmiddle business.

Projects of heavy or unsuited halls are available on the market. Hale S K E L E T O N is a flexible system that allows the investor to choose the solution that best suits his expectations from both finished designs and an individually designed tailor-made facility for the customer.

We have built a modern indoor system based on the knowledge of outstanding constructors, the advantages of which are:

  • Lightweight hall system adapted to the I, II, III and IV snow zone
  • Galvanized high-quality steel construction
  • System for self-assembly or through Skeleton
  • An easy way to expand the hall in the future
  • The design and housing of the hall allows for dismantling and reassembly in a new location
  • Short time to design and implement investments
  • Wide selection of façade colours and coatings
  • Wide range of options: skylights, glazing, industrial gates.
  • Possibility of solutions of individual dimensions, tailored to the customer’s needs
  • System halls – area from 300 – 1000 m2, and larger – individual solutions.

The biggest advantage of the system is optimization using the bestglobal brands in the field of steel profiles and housing at a balanced price

What can we offer?

An important part of starting the investment process is the first contact with us.

At this stage, we learn about the customer’s expectations and we can support solutions leading to the optimization of the offer.

By setting the basic parameters, we are able to quickly generate an offer that will contain price factors and describe the process related to the implementation of the investment.

It is worth contacting us already at the concept stage in order to smoothly carry out the implementation process and avoid many changes at the design stage or also apply
for a building permit.

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Our offer includes






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Skeleton specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of warehouse, industrial and production halls. As an experienced manufacturer of steel halls, operating in the construction industry for many years, we offer optimal solutions for business customers from different industries.

We offer investors both ready-made projects and develop the best concept of building construction that will meet their expectations. Depending on the purpose of the hall and the specificity of the company’s activities, our specialists will propose a project fully tailored to the customer’s needs.
Our facilities are made of the highest quality components that come from world-renowned brands in the construction industry.
The construction is based on a indoor system, based on the latest technology and the knowledge of fully professional constructors.

What distinguishes our steel halls in the industry market?
The manufacturer we are offering lightweight yet very durable and durable objects, based on a structure made of high quality galvanized steel. Thanks to the use of modern design techniques, the halls can be easily mounted, disassembled and even, depending on your needs, expanded or transported to another place. An important advantage is the short time, both the implementation of the project and the implementation of the entire investment. You can choose the color scheme of the façade cladding in which the steel hall is to be made. The manufacturer also provides the possibility to select doors, doors, windows and other openings according to the parameters set by the investor.

We offer the production of system halls, which have this advantage over the traditionally built ones, that they are created in a short time, because only in a few weeks. Modular halls are versatile because they can serve not only as warehouses, but also as commercial, agricultural, production or workshop facilities. The manufacturer guarantees the robustness and very high strength of such halls, as their design is based on high-quality galvanized steel.

As a solid and reliable company, we guarantee a free valuation, which includes design, construction, housing, as well as doors, windows, gates and skylights and installation.