A solution aimed at customers who, among the system solutions, did not find the perfect option for themselves.

Please contact us directly to determine the functionality and parameters of the hall:

Important parameters can be obtained from the zoning plan of the plot or the Building Conditions.

When contacting, please provide:

  • dimensions of width, length and height in the hood of the object,
  • the angle of the roof slope ,
  • the postcode of the parcel within which the hall is to be located,
  • the purpose of the hall,
  • thermal insulation of walls and roof (heated hall, not heated, etc.)
  • the number and dimensions of doors and doors, hole joinery, skylights, etc.
  • external coloring
  • location of the accompanying building e.g. Office
  • approximate deadline for implementation
  • any other data relating to the fulfilment of your expectations

Ask for offer details

Phone: 501 128 245

If you do not know the details for the expected facility, we will be happy to advise on satisfactory solutions that meet the technical conditions.