The 20×20 warehouse hall with a total area of 400 m2 available from Skeleton is a functional design of high quality that is able to completely meet the expectations of small and medium-sized business customers. Created by Skeleton, the modern indoor system is a favorable price and individually priced with each project the cost of construction. Many years of experience and cooperation with outstanding constructors have made it possible to prepare a wide range of warehouse sands made of high-quality galvanized steel for self-assembly or through Skeleton. The 20×20/400 m2 hall can be easily enlarged in the future, in accordance with the customer’s requirements, which also has a wide selection of proposed design colours, façade coatings, as well as options for interior lighting by skylights or glazing. The cost of construction is available for free. You can receive it by filling out the form on the website, as well as by contacting our consultants by email or phone.