Warehouse 20×40/800 m2 – one of the largest finished structures created in a modern indoor system created by Skeleton. Based on many years of cooperation with experienced builders, Skeleton offers its customers ready-made hall designs used in industries such as agriculture, services, production and commerce. Skeleton’s high-quality galvanized steel warehouses are characterized by exceptional durability, ease of installation, dismantling or expansion of the finished structure with an additional surface area. In addition, the 20×40/800 m2 warehouse can have individually selected colours of the façade cladding or additional openings such as windows, glazing, doors, gates and skylights. Lightweight yet durable and durable hal designs allow for a fast order execution date, a favorable price and construction cost priced for free and individually for each customer. We invite you to place your order via the form on the website or contact e-mail and telephone if the parameters of the warehouse halls are adjusted according to the needs of the investor.