Warehouse 15×30/450 m2 – a system solution of light, durable and fast in the implementation of the structure, which can be used in agriculture, industry or trade. The steel halls available in Skeleton’s offer are the result of many years of experience and cooperation with renowned builders who have created objects with extraordinary durability, yet ease of installation and dismantling and weather resistance. Skeleton halls are created from the highest quality components, mainly from high-quality galvanized steel, thanks to which they retain an aesthetic appearance even in intensive use. Depending on the needs of the investor, the halls can be equipped with additional openings, such as doors, gates, windows, glazing or skylights, enlarged to other sizes, as well as dismantled and reassembled in another location. We invite you to place an order for the hall 15×30/450 m2 through the form on the website or by e-mail and telephone contact in order to adjust the size of the structure individually to the customer’s needs.