Warehouse 10×25 – 250 m2

Functional design, which is used in industries such as agriculture, services, trade and production. Skeleton hall designs created in the modern indoor system are a favorable price, high quality of components and the possibility of long use. Skeleton warehouses are made of high-quality galvanized steel, with attention to the smallest details, thanks to which they are characterized by exceptional resistance to changing weather conditions, even after their dismantling and reassembly in any location chosen. The 10×25/250 m2 storage hall can also be enlarged, depending on the needs of the investor and equipped with additional options such as doors, gates, skylights, windows or glazing, ensuring good interior lighting of the structure. Lightweight and simplicity of the design allow you to assemble yourself or as part of the services offered by Skeleton. We invite you to fill out the form on the website to determine the details of the order or contact by e-mail and telephone if you need to adjust the size individually to the customer’s needs.