Warehouse hall 12×30/360 m2 – finished design of a functional structure with a wide application in agriculture, manufacturing or service industry created on the basis of a modern indoor system with the highest quality components. Thanks to this, the hall proposed by Skeleton is the speed of implementation of the investment, the possibility of self-assembly, dismantling and setting of the structure in a completely new place and available options for increasing the size. Warehouses available in Skeleton’s offer are also a favorable price and construction cost price dislocated individually for each order. The modern system of halls built from high-quality galvanized steel allows you to adapt the structure to the expectations and needs of customers, thanks to a wide range of colors, coatings of façade cladding, the quantity and size of windows, doors, doors, skylights or other openings guaranteeing natural interior lighting and ease of use. We invite you to place orders for warehouses 12×30/360 m2 or structures of size tailored to the specifics of the company’s activities – via the form on the website, by e-mail or telephone.