Custom Halls - Steel Hall Design

A solution aimed at customers who, among the system solutions, did not find the perfect option for themselves.

Please contact us directly to determine the functionality and parameters of the hall:

Important parameters can be obtained from the zoning plan of the parcel or
Building conditions.

The design of steel halls requires the development of a concept that will serve the investor in the most optimal way possible. Before proceeding with the project, it is necessary to determine what purpose of the hall is to be, as it must perform its task in terms of functionality. This allows you to adapt the design of the building to the needs of the investor, as expected.

Skeleton is a manufacturer of steel, warehouse, production and service halls, which are made on the basis of a modern indoor system, using the highest quality components. The design projects that our professionals offer are optimal solutions that fully reflect the needs of the investor.

We offer custom halls based on steel profiles and housings, coming from the world’s best brands. Lightweight and durable structures in galvanized high-quality steel, uncomplicated assembly system, but also dismantling or expanding the hall, and short design and execution time – these are the advantages that effectively distinguish our company in the industry market.

Before proceeding with the project, our specialists must determine what the purpose of the hall and its parameters, which can be obtained from the zoning plan, must determine what the purpose of the hall is to be. The investor must provide the necessary data on the basis of which it will be possible to design a building tailored to the specificity of the company’s activities, and are:

– dimensions of width, length and angle of roof and height in the hood of the object
– for what purposes the hall and the postal code of the plot on which it will be located will be used
– thermal insulation – whether the hall will be heated or not
– quantities and sizes of windows, doors, gates, skylights and other openings
– selection of façade colours and coatings
– approximate deadline

Thanks to this information, as well as any other additional information such as location near the office hall, our builders will be able to proceed with the development of the steel hall project. Pricing for design and design is completely free.

Ask for offer details

If you do not know the details for the expected facility, we will be happy to advise on satisfactory solutions that meet the technical conditions.