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Construction of warehouse sands – Steel structures

Skeleton is a manufacturer and contractor of system halls using the highest quality components with a view to optimizing costs. Our design of industrial, warehouse and production halls is functional. We take care of our client and his needs by engaging at the concept stage and serve clients in the field of consulting solutions and choosing the right elements of the steel hall. The project department consists of specialists implementing in his career more than 700 design projects. During the implementation, we take care of every detail during the construction of our facilities. As a company, we make warehouses, production, agrohale, service halls, workshops and many other applications used in many industries.

All halls are built on the principle of indoor structures. They are created to meet customer requirements and are functional at the same time. The projects are carried out under the watchful eye of a technical advisor. Best practices are presented, and selected ones that fit the customer’s idea. The advisor also helps in purchasing the right elements of the hall to match the project. Every detail of the building being built is as thoroughly refined as possible to please the customer and not let the hall break quickly. The company makes warehouses, production, agrohale, service halls, workshops and many other used in many industries.

System halls are the latest revolution in warehouse and hall building, allowing you to quickly start or expand your business. The time of their formation is on average a few weeks. Each of them is versatile and has a versatile application. They can serve not only as warehouses, but also as small pavilions. When it comes to application in agriculture, they will work well as chicken coops, livestock buildings and a place to keep cereals and machinery. Such halls are built from pre-prepared elements, which is enough to attach to the foundations in the place where it is to be built. When the skeleton is ready, it is covered with selected panels, too. The whole design is more resistant to adverse weather ingress and pollution thanks to galvanization.

Each hall is individually priced. This can be done online by filling out the form, which gives your contact details, the purpose and dimensions of the desired hall. The entire quote is completely free and will be sent by e-mail. It includes the cost of design, construction, housing, gates, doors, skylights and assembly. However, if you do not know exactly what hall you need or do not want to fill out the form, you can contact you by phone or leave your contact details, and someone from the hotline will respond as soon as possible.

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